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Table In A Jar

A quirky name for a table that’s full of character and Danish Modern flair. We delivered our first Table In A Jar to an Australian client this week and yes it arrived in a jar – of sorts. In fact the cylindrical packaging gave the table its name when the design by Alfred Larsson was first launched in 1959. The side table is part of the curated collection of classic Midcentury Scandinavian furniture relaunched by master Danish furniture maker Brdr. Petersen.

The side table is an elegant example of Larsson’s industrial furniture from the 1950s, easily recognizable piece of furniture for its distinctive wooden legs and wooden beads. Originally, the table was manufactured at Larsson’s own factory in Tibro, Sweden. At its peak, up to 50,000 tables were produced annually. Since 2014, Table in a Jar is made by Brdr. Petersen. Available in Australia at Danish Red.

Source: danishfurniture.dk