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Danish Modern Through The Generations

With a new collection of their beautiful Danish Modern sideboards arriving this month, we thought it was about time we shared the story of one of our most loved brands, Bernhard Pedersen & Søn.

Made in Denmark
Every piece of furniture is made in the same factory built by the Bernhard Pedersen family in 1902, located in a small community in the Danish countryside. The workshop and its skilled cabinetmakers are known for their exquisite and dedicated work based on strong Danish craft traditions, recognised around the world for timeless design, high quality craftsmanship and outstanding longevity. Unique techniques, special tools and original machinery are maintained and used to produce the sideboards, tables and seating in keeping with the first original pieces.

Danish craftsmanship since 1902
With a reputation for exquisite quality and technical skill since the company started in 1902, Bernhard Pedersen & Son remains a proudly Danish family-owned furniture maker. In 2015,  Thomas Bernhard Pedersen, a fourth generation furniture craftsman, began focusing exclusively on relaunching a selection of the company’s most exquisite sideboards designed by Danish furniture designers, including the world-renowned architect Johannes Andersen. In the last two years, BPS has expanded the classic collection to include the unique Hallway 127, Daybed 115, Chair 140 and other fine Modern designs. Each and every piece of BPS furniture is made in Denmark by skilled cabinetmakers and individually numbered, in keeping with the strong Danish craft traditions.

Explore the Bernhard Pedersen & Son collection here. In Australia, Danish Red is proud to present this exquisitely crafted and highly collectible furniture. The future heirlooms of a new generation of lovers of Danish Modern furniture.