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A Danish Tale: Introducing The Shoemaker Chair By Werner

A little piece of Danish folk history has just arrived. The Shoemaker Chair, with its elegant, soft curves and perfect poise encapsulates traditional Danish craftsmanship in a modest yet memorable design. But what makes this piece really special is the story. Form follows function, Danish style!

The Shoemaker Chair was first produced in Odense, Denmark in year 1936, thanks to the hard work of a simple Danish artisan. The shoemaker at the centre of the tale handcrafted his wares, one shoe at a time. The story goes that the solid timber seat of his 3-legged chair was slowly shaped by the shoemaker sitting in the same position day-in day-out.

In the 70’s, the charming design was acquired by the young cabinetmaker Steen Werner who continued to produce The Shoemaker Chair achieving the same high standard of hand-craftsmanship as the original. In 1999, Steen Werner’s son Lars Werner overtook manufacturing and carries on the production of this versatile and sculptural stool to this day.

The Shoemaker Chair is masterfully manufactured with a wooden frame in solid walnut, oak or beech in three adult sizes – including a bar stool height – and a scaled-down version, Happy Kid, for small children. The Shoemaker Chair is built to please its owner for generations to come.

Exclusive to Danish Red in Australia, The Shoemaker Chair by Werner is new on the floor in our Armadale showroom and online, or simply contact the showroom for details.