Alex & Elle | Mimers Brunn Cushion

Alex&Elle’s beautiful Scandinavian designer cushions are handmade in Melbourne to the highest standard, from the quality of the fabrics designed and made in Scandinavian to the sewing craftsmanship and duck feather inserts. The cushion covers  are double-sided and come in two sizes, with or without inserts.

MIMERS BRUNN is a design based on the old story about the Well of Wisdom from the Nordic Mythology. The well feeds the Tree of Life “Yggdrasil” and the god Odin who gave up one eye to receive its wisdom.

Designer: Sara Berner is a Swedish textile designer.

Dimensions: 48cm x 48cm | 63cm x 63cm

Brand: Alex & Elle

Country of origin: Australia

Price: 48cm x 48cm with insert $119 | 63cm x 63cm with insert $149