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See you in Stockholm!

The Stockholm Furniture Fair is the world’s leading event for Scandinavian furniture and lighting and in 2020 Danish Red is going to the fair. Stay tuned for updates on Instagram and right here in the News, featuring our take on the best of Scandinavian design right now.

This year the Stockholm Furniture Fair promises to be a perfect hunting ground for new and upcoming brands in Scandinavia and we’ll be there to meet the makers. We’ve found some of our most loved furniture in Stockholm, including the much-admired Falcon Chair by Vatne, Norway, and the joy of meeting the passionate people behind Scandinavia’s most inspiring furniture brands keeps us going back.

It’s our mission to bring the finest, authentically Scandinavian furniture to Australia and Stockholm in February has become an essential date in our travel calendar. So if you’re a Danish Red client planning a visit to the fair or a supplier, present or prospective, let us know you’ll be in town too. We’ll see you in Stockholm!