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Up Close and Personal in Stockholm

The world’s biggest celebration of Scandinavian furniture has been held in Stockholm for another year. And, as promised, Danish Red was there. New brands and familiar faces. Just launched designs from our most popular Danish furniture makers – Skipper, Andersen and Søren Lund – made our visit all the more special. But Stockholm isn’t just furniture. Its intimate scale makes it the perfect venue for making lasting human connections.

As we constantly remind ourselves, Denmark – and Scandinavia – is a small place. Your word, your personal brand is all important and reputation is everything. It means so much to us to ‘go home’ to Scandinavia and see old friends and partners while hopefully meeting new ones. And this year it felt like everyone at the Stockholm Furniture and Lighting Fair was on the same page. Scandinavian design tradition and that certain understated Nordic pride is at the heart of the Stockholm fair – and it shows.

Take a moment to share our trip to Stockholm 2020. We hope you enjoy it. Denmark is our next destination and we’ll soon be bringing you news from our latest Danish sojourn and our exciting new brands coming soon to Australia, exclusively at Danish Red.